Data and information are the key assets of any company. EsoftDevelopers understands that the drivers for data migration are multicolored in nature and each factor is unique and critical. EsoftDevelopers offers a comprehensive set of services in this value added domain. EsoftDevelopers also is well aware of the Intellectual Property implications involved in this exercise and guarantees data integrity and security in this exercise. EsoftDevelopers has well defined processes and procedures to undertake migration and has gained rich experience in this domain across varied database platforms.

EsoftDevelopers understands that as the business needs and requirements of organizations evolve and grow the supporting back end IT infrastructure also needs to keep pace with the growing demands. As the mode, format and range of data access changes, minor to significant changes need to be made to the way in which data is organized. The most common scenarios or needs that demand data migration are: Migration of existing / legacy data to a larger database platform to meet increased traffic volumes Migration of existing / legacy data to similar database platform to accommodate database design changes and to address any existing optimization issues Evolving and changing application development technologies introduce incompatibilities and inefficiencies with the existing database architecture. Support and cost issues of the existing databases prompt migration