A silent revolution that is gaining momentum in the software world is the Open Source Movement. The movement is intended to support and promote distribution of freely developed applications using a collaborative framework operating under free distribution license policies. These applications are available along with source code and limited documentation for people to use, enhance and distribute. Open source application though available freely comes with the overhead of limited documentation, inherent rigidity along with limitations and restrictions in terms of functionality and performance.

EsoftDevelopersis a firm votary of Open Source Software development movement and believes that it is advantageous to the customer because “In an Open Source world nobody gets to hold the customer to ransom”. EsoftDevelopersover time has developed panache for leveraging the strengths of the open source movement coupled with offsetting the inherent limitations that come along. EsoftDevelopershas trained and deployed focused research and development teams to support and sustain this initiative. This passion and belief has enabled us to flaunt more than 100 applications customized from the open source realm

We have observed that a majority of organizations and firms are slowly realizing the presence of this movement and are curious to leverage the benefits being provided. Customers feel that there is an open source application which can meet a majority of their core requirements and can obviate the need of custom software development.